MAC Viva Glam I lipstick


Red lipsticks are my thing. I’ve loved them since I started wearing makeup. I’ve never been a nude lipstick type of girl.

I have always preferred deep reds to corals and bright reds. Although I have about 15 red lipsticks in my collection, I am always in search for THE ONE.

I’ve been searching through MAC’s great choice of red lipsticks and I had a hard time deciding which one to choose. My favourites were MAC Dubonnet (Amplified Creme finish), MAC Diva (Matte finish), MAC Russian Red (Matte finish) and MAC Viva Glam I. I decided to go for MAC Viva Glam I.

I got it as a birthday gift yesterday and I fell in love with it at first swatch and lip application. It is an opaque, highly saturated with colour, true deep red lipstick, matte and with great staying power but not drying. Everything I asked for and more. I see myself wearing it often. See it for yourselves on swatch :)

vivaglam1IMG_1205And this is how it looks live. I paired it with neutral eyes (UD Naked Basics), Sleek Suede blush and Mary Lou Manizer. This lipstick just speaks for itself..and it’s pretty eloquent, I tell you! 😀

IMG_1187What do you think ? 😀

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