Essence Colour & Go Nail polish: 193 Best Dressed


When in drugstore, I always stop by Essence cosmetics‘ counter and take a look at their nail polish section. I own many nail polishes by this brand and I’ll keep buying them because I have no objections to their quality.

Colour range is great, and they often add new beautiful trendy colours and finishes to the collection. I think everyone could find a colour for themselves. With majority of Essence’s nail polishes, you’ll need 2 coats of polish to get complete colour opacity, without your nails showing through, but some of them (darker and intensive colours mostly) need only 1 coat.

Most Essence Colour & Go nail polishes have high shine finish, very good longevity (although, I always use base coat and top coat when doing my nails so it’s individual) and really affordable price  (cca 1,5€)  for the 8 ml bottle.

This time, while browsing Essence’s counter, I stopped by a beautiful dark purple polish infused with dark magenta/violet microglitter. Purple lovers, watch out! You’ll hardly resist it.

I couldn’t, and that’s the story how Essence Colour & Go 193 Best Dressed nail polish came home with me.

Essence Colour & Go - 193 Best Dressed nail polish

Essence Colour & Go – 193 Best Dressed

It’s quite hard to capture what it looks like on nails because the colour changes according to how glitter catches the light. However, it is a vampy, gothic dark purple shade, and microglitter makes it look lit from within. Very pretty. This is how it looks like in shadow and in direct sunlight.


Essence Colour & Go 193 Best Dressed swatch

Essence Colour & Go 193 Best Dressed swatch

Give it a look in person if you can! Also, give me your recommendations for purple nail polishes, please :)

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