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Review: Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow


Being pretty busy with another projects took its toll: it’s been ages since I blogged. I would like to thank anyone who is still keeping up with Makeupolitan, you’re awesome :)

Let’s move on, start fresh and have a talk about some nice Italian makeup. 😀

Recently I placed my first order at KIKO.

KIKO Milano is an Italian professional cosmetics brand offering a wide range of beauty products and promising high quality at affordable prices.  Their statement regarding animal testing made me glad:

KIKO does not carry out or order testing on animals, pursuant to the relative European laws. This guarantee does not only include finished products but also the latest generation raw materials, tested from 2004 onwards.

All the items came carefully packaged after about 20 days. Packaging reminded me a little of MAC cosmetics – simple black cardboard boxes with white letters – elegant and efficient.

Today’s post is about KIKO Milano Water eyeshadow.

Kiko Milano eyeshadows makeup review

Kiko Milano eyeshadows: Water eyeshadow (left) and Infinity eyeshadows (right)

I wanted to try their Water eyeshadow since I read many positive reviews about it. This paraben free product comes in 32 shades, all of which can be used wet and dry. Their finish is luminous and satin, no mattes here :)

Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow 218

Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow 218

I chose shade 218, Grapefruit pink. It looks like a perfect blend of pink, gold and orange.

Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow 218 makeup review

Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow 218

Notice the 3D structure of the eyeshadow, it makes a cool detail and reminds me of waves (the whole water story, I guess :D).

The color is very pretty; not a color you’ll see everywhere in eyeshadow palettes, but still not that crazy and eccentric so you couldn’t wear it on a regular day. :)

Here comes the swatch:

KIKO Milano Water eyeshadow 218 swatch

KIKO Milano Water eyeshadow 218 swatch

The color itself is multi-dimensional: it changes with the angle it hits the light at. The brightest swatch on the right is the eyeshadow applied wet.

For wetting the eyeshadow you can use water or different mixing liquids (e.g. KIKO mixing liquid,  Inglot Duraline, MAC Fix + or any other fixing spray). It makes the color more vivid and bold. I simply used water and really like how it turns out. :)

Water eyeshadow is nicely pigmented, blendable and longlasting. Also, it doesn’t emphasize any lid texture or uneveness you may have, which also makes it a really nice product to use on mature skin.
Wearing tip: You can wear it alone as a light wash of color all over the lid and gently blended into the crease or combined with darker shades in the outer corner for more drama. The orangey tone in it really makes blue and green eyes pop :)

I give this eyeshadow a big like and can easily see myself trying rest of the shades in the future 😀

Did you try any of the KIKO Milano products? If yes, how did you like it? Also, what are your favorite eyeshadows for wet and dry use? :)








Drugstore Gem: Catrice cosmetics – Velvet Matt Eyeshadow

Hi :)

Eyeshadow lovers know how hard it is to find good matte eyeshadows at affordable prices. German drugstore brand Catrice cosmetics did a great job with these – Velvet Matt eyeshadows are loaded with pigment, extremely soft and buttery, and cost only a fraction of high end eyeshadows price.

Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow

Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow

Here’s what Catrice says about them on their webpage:

The Velvet Matt Eyeshadows with a new premium texture contain ultra-soft shimmer pigments for a velvety matt finish. Thanks to the silky, highly pigmented formula, the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows practically melt with your skin to create a radiant look.

Indeed, these are silky and among the softest eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. Their texture is excellent. Only downside to it is that you have to be extra careful not to drop them on the floor, because they will crush into million tiny pieces. 😀

There are 6 available shades: Vanillaty Fair (nude vanilla), Pink-Up girls (pastel baby pink), Jump up and brown (warm yellowish brown), Al Burgundy (deep burgundy), Welcome to Greysland (light to midtone grey), Moss wanted colour (greenish grey).

I have two of them – Vanillaty Fair is great for inner corner of the eye and brow highlight, and Pink-Up Girls can look great when applied on whole lid – that kind of eye look, paired with thick black eyeliner, reminds me a bit of 60s mod looks. :)

Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow swatches

Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow swatches

Give these a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! :)


MAC Viva Glam I lipstick


Red lipsticks are my thing. I’ve loved them since I started wearing makeup. I’ve never been a nude lipstick type of girl.

I have always preferred deep reds to corals and bright reds. Although I have about 15 red lipsticks in my collection, I am always in search for THE ONE.

I’ve been searching through MAC’s great choice of red lipsticks and I had a hard time deciding which one to choose. My favourites were MAC Dubonnet (Amplified Creme finish), MAC Diva (Matte finish), MAC Russian Red (Matte finish) and MAC Viva Glam I. I decided to go for MAC Viva Glam I.

I got it as a birthday gift yesterday and I fell in love with it at first swatch and lip application. It is an opaque, highly saturated with colour, true deep red lipstick, matte and with great staying power but not drying. Everything I asked for and more. I see myself wearing it often. See it for yourselves on swatch :)

vivaglam1IMG_1205And this is how it looks live. I paired it with neutral eyes (UD Naked Basics), Sleek Suede blush and Mary Lou Manizer. This lipstick just speaks for itself..and it’s pretty eloquent, I tell you! 😀

IMG_1187What do you think ? 😀

theBalm: Bahama mama – Bronzer, shadow & contour powder

Dear readers,
Today I’ll review one of the latest additions to my makeup collection, theBalm’s Bahama Mama – bronzer, shadow & contour powder.

I’m always in search for that one perfect contouring product for fair skin. My current favourite is Nyx powder blush in Taupe. It’s hard to find products that perfectly mimic natural shadows on face, without dreaded orange or too warm undertones (nothing wrong with bronzers, to be clear, but the two “skin darkening”  makeup products’ purpose should be clearly distinguished).

I admit not being a particular fan of praised and famous Kim Kardashian’s contouring routine. In my opinion, it can be done in a more simple and subtle manner. However, enhancing facial bone structure really amplifies regular makeup and assists to achieve that ultimate perfected, sculpted, made up face which brings to mind editorial and haute couture looks. But, always remember: Moderation, not exxageration (it can be a dealbreaker 😉 ).

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