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theBalm: Bahama mama – Bronzer, shadow & contour powder

Dear readers,
Today I’ll review one of the latest additions to my makeup collection, theBalm’s Bahama Mama – bronzer, shadow & contour powder.

I’m always in search for that one perfect contouring product for fair skin. My current favourite is Nyx powder blush in Taupe. It’s hard to find products that perfectly mimic natural shadows on face, without dreaded orange or too warm undertones (nothing wrong with bronzers, to be clear, but the two “skin darkening”  makeup products’ purpose should be clearly distinguished).

I admit not being a particular fan of praised and famous Kim Kardashian’s contouring routine. In my opinion, it can be done in a more simple and subtle manner. However, enhancing facial bone structure really amplifies regular makeup and assists to achieve that ultimate perfected, sculpted, made up face which brings to mind editorial and haute couture looks. But, always remember: Moderation, not exxageration (it can be a dealbreaker 😉 ).

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